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Why Visit Iran?

Why Visit Iran

Vegan Iranian food alone could be enough reason for anyone — especially foodie and culture travelers — to choose Iran as their next destination. Experiencing the great safety of Iran and wonderful hospitality has surprised many travelers to Iran, to the point that they have listed these as top reasons to travel to Iran. Yet there are many more reasons why you should visit this country at least once in your lifetime. Here are our four reasons that will convince you to put visiting Iran on your bucket list.


Rich history & culture

Iran, once the center of the world’s oldest civilizations, is ranked 9th by UNESCO to have the most world cultural and historical heritage sites. Remnants of the old world spread all over the country has made Iran a country-sized museum. The art and aesthetic properties of old Persia are well preserved and manifested by the next generation of Persians in Islamic era architectures. Iranian culture, on the other hand, is influenced by ancient traditions. As the Iranian way of hospitality, Zoroastrian festivals, Persian cuisine, art, crafts and many other customs are still surviving from ancient times.


Ethnic diversity

Travelers that visit Iran’s classical route of Tehran to Shiraz get to visit the ethnic Persians,  who constitute about half of the nation’s population. It needs traveling to more parts of the country to meet other ethnic groups of Azeris, Kurds, Gilakis, Lurs, Turkmen, Baluch and other ethnicities, each with their own language, dance, clothes, music and other customs.


Diverse landscape

How many countries in the world do you know to have hot arid deserts with high sand dunes, big lush forests with swamps, long coastlines with mangroves or high mountain ranges all together! A land where you can relish skiing on a snowy day and enjoy the sun on sand beaches, both at the same time of year! Not to mention all the astonishing natural beauties, like mud volcanoes, great waterfalls, wetlands and more. All this diversity has made Iran a wonderful low budget destination for adventure tours like canyoning, cycling, skiing, rafting or bird-watching.


A world of new tastes

Persian cuisine is just a less known culture inherited from ancient times, with a world of unique tastes and flavors waiting to be discovered. The problem is that most restaurants in Iran oddly serve mainly different types of kebab — which is not originally Persian — and a few other dishes. With our special food service, we have made sure every traveler will enjoy a deeper travel experience by tasting a wide variety of real Persian dishes.




  1. I would love to visit Iran with a friend who is also a vegan. When we visited Jordan, the food was prepared in advance. This didn’t make it better. How does that work when we eat with the locals? Is the food being warmed up again or just made? I hope there will be more pictures on the website of the places we’re staying. That’s really important so to see what quality it is. The program looks great by the way!!

    • Dear Reinier
      Thanks for showing interest in traveling with us. We have special focus on food and all of them are prepared fresh only by our vegan hosts. You may even take part in the cooking process and learn to cook Persian dishes yourself. we are about to add lots of photos to our website soon. please contact us if you have more questions regarding your trip.

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